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My name is Cy Whitling and I make stuff and do things that tell and sell stories. I also fall off cliffs on my skis, whack my shins with my pedals, and often forget to stay hydrated while running.

I have written, shot and edited for a variety of freelance clients, as well as doing journalism and photography for I also have experience leading marketing and customer service for a tech startup, QuickFlics.

My art has appeared on a few pairs of skis, including one production model, T-Shirts for several brands, the walls of quite a few skiers who still live in their mom's basements, stickers that grace a fair number of grimy water bottles and helmets, and the paper napkins at a Red Robin in Fresno, CA.

Currently I work as an associate editor and photographer at  I love the outdoors, stories, and people. I spend my time exploring, skiing, biking, climbing and trying to live stories worth telling.

My work has appeared in publications including The Ski Journal, The Avalanche Review, Blister Buyer's Guide, The Jackson Hole News and Guide, Teton Valley News, and more.

My illustrations and photos have been used by brands like Moment Skis,, Sego Ski Co, Squaw Valley, Whistler Backcomb, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, REI, Melvin Brewing, Santabrio, and more.

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