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A huge thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers that made this thing possible!

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A No-Holds-Barred Mountain Bike Bonanza…




The 5th Street Bike Park in Driggs. It’s on 5th Street. You can’t miss the signs.


A no-holds-barred mountain bike bonanza. Events include:

  • One Hour Endurance Race

  • Half Hour Endurance Race

  • One Lap Kids and Costumes Race

  • Jump Jam

  • Wheelie Contest


Saturday October 19

Schedule of Events:

Friday, October 18

5:30 PM: Course pre-ride and rider’s meeting

Saturday October 19

8 AM: Late Registration Opens

9 AM: Half Hour Race Start

10 AM: Kids and Costumes Race Start

11 AM: One Hour Race Start

12 Noon: One Hour Race Finish

12:30 PM: Awards

1-3 PM: Jump Jam

Registration Fees

Please pre-register HERE.

  • Pre-Registration (through October 17) $20

  • Day-Of: $30

  • Kids under 12 are free

  • Show up and sign a waiver to enter the Kids and Costumes Race

  • Dirt Jump Jam: Free with registration to any other race, otherwise $10

Can’t afford to race but think you oughta get a chance to? Reach out to here for merit-based discounts.

Breakdown of Events

Half Hour Race

As the name implies, this is a half hour endurance race. Racers will start en-masse and ride laps on the 2.5ish mile course for half an hour. The winner will be the racer who completes the most laps in the shortest time over half an hour with the final lap after the clock has ticked over half an hour counting to the result

One Hour Race

This is the main event. Put on your tightest shorts for this one. Racers will start en-masse and ride laps on the 2.5ish mile course for one hour. The winner will be the racer who completes the most laps in the shortest time over an hour with the final lap after the clock has ticked over the hour counting to the result

Kids and Costumes Race

For anyone who doesn’t want to ride laps until they puke, and for kids who want to get in on the racing action. Racers will start en-mass and ride one lap on the 2.5ish mile course. Prizes will be given to the fastest kids, as well as the best costumed riders.

Dirt Jump Jam

The freestyle event will be rider-judged. Riders will drop one at a time in a session format, over the course of two hours. Get as many runs as you want in, and get creative. Riders will choose amongst themselves winners for Best Trick, Best Style, and the Spirit of Send awards.

Breakdown of Categories

For the Half Hour and One Hour Races there will be five categories:

  • Open Men

  • Open Women

  • Under 18

  • Under 12

  • Fastest Lap

The “Fastest Lap” award will go to the competitor who, during either race puts down the quickest lap of the day.


All racing prizes will be awarded at 12:30. All Jump Jam Prizes will be awarded at 3 PM.

We have not yet finalized what these prizes will be. At the very least, they’ll be something cool enough that you want to put it on your desk at work.

Potential Sponsors

Are you a cool business that wants to sponsor this event either financially, or with goods or services to offer as prizes? Please reach out here! We’ll do everything possible to promote your brand, short of getting it tattooed on our faces.

Current Sponsors


Melvin Brewing

Melvin brings the party wherever they go, that’s why we’re so excited to have them as our official beer providers and mayhem makers. It’s not a real bike race if there’s not a beer at the finish line, so show up, race, and drink some Melvin. It’s on us as long as you’re of age.


Fitzgerald’s Bicycles

With locations in Jackson Hole, Victor, and Idaho Falls, Fitzgeralds is your community bike shop. They stock a wide range of bikes, with trail, gravel, and fat bike gear and accessories. Go in there, buy a new bike, and come win this race!

Teton Wrench

Teton Wrench is the bike mechanic that comes to you. Nate specializes in making your bike ride better than it did brand new. Make sure to schedule yourself a tuneup before the race!


Yeti’s Post

It’s pretty dang simple: Food For Mountain People. Are you a mountain person? Then this is where you should go get your food. Yeti’s Post serves breakfast and lunch, as well as catering events.

FBJ illustrated.png

FBJ Creations

FBJ makes bags, wallets, and pogies for the discerning rider. Their craftsmanship is top-notch, they can customize his designs to work with any bike, and their family stoke for riding is unbeatable. Grab yourself a bag, put your stuff in it, and never leave home without it again.


Alpine Air Coffee Roasting

The folks at Alpine Air love bikes, packaging that doesn’t mess up the planet, and most importantly, really, really good coffee. They’ll be selling their pour over coffee at the race, so come, get caffeinated, and have your first cup of your new favorite coffee.

MBT logo_white trans-01.png

Mountain Bike the Tetons

Like riding mountain bikes in Teton Valley? You’ve probably enjoyed a trail that MBT either built or maintains. MBT does an incredible amount of paid and volunteer trail work every year, as well as running the Sprockids youth mountain bike program. Donate some cash, or show up to a trail day!


Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation

TVSEF knows how to party. They’re all about taking youth skiing and snowboarding to the next level with everything from Nordic to Race and Freeride programs. Great people doing good things. They’ll be slinging tickets to their showing of TGR’s Wonderland, as well as their awesome discount cards at the event.


Giant Bikes
Wait, that Giant Bikes? Yep. That one. Giant makes awesome mountain bikes. They also make awesome road bikes, commuter bikes, gravel bikes, Ebikes and all the other kinds of bikes. Basically, Giant makes a bunch of bikes, they’re all great, and they’re sponsoring this event! So come ride your Giant at 5th street and enter our raffle to win rad prizes from Giant.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.58.32 PM.png

Habitat, Ride the Tetons

Habitat is your bike and ski destination in downtown Driggs. They stock all the gear and accessories to keep you rolling outside, no matter what sport you’re into. So whether you need Zach Klinger to fix your bike, Ben Swanson to fit your ski boots, or Scott Stuntz to teach you about herding pigs, Habitat has what you’re looking for.


Want cool stuff to commemorate this event, and show all your friends how rad you are? Check out our online shop here, and order ahead of time!


Why have an endurance race at the 5th Street Bike Park?

Because the 5th Street Bike Park is an awesome, undiscovered gem, and one time this one guy wondered “how many laps could I ride here in an hour?” So we’re having a race to find out.

What is the course like?

“Friggin sick” in the words of Napoleon Dynamite. The course covers approximately 2.5 miles. It will feature a short section of asphalt path and gravel at the start to allow the herd to thin, and then will dive back into singletrack. It will wind over a couple of wooden features, through the slickrock slab zone, and back to the jungle recesses of the bike park, where it will feature a few steep, technical descents before it winds back to the start for another lap. Throughout there are several zones wide enough for safe passing.

What bike should I ride?

The one you have, duh! This is a course that can be ridden on a huge variety of bikes. Only have a fat bike? You’ll have a blast. Rocking a drop bar gravel or CX bike? You’ll be fine, just pre-ride the course so you know what to expect. Only ride park? Bring your big bike, it won’t suck that hard. Our guess is that a short travel XC hardtail is probably the ideal bike for this course, but any and all bikes are welcome, and will have a blast!


Ebikes aren’t bikes, they’re motorcycles you idiot, if you bring an Ebike to this race and try to ride it, prepare to be made fun of, have vegetables thrown at you, and be run out of town. Motorcycles are awesome on motorized trails. The Big Holes are full of motorized trails, go ride there. 5th Street is a non-motorized area. Don’t be dense.

What if it rains?

Then we’ll suck it up, buttercup. Seriously though, this course rides awesome when it’s wet. If we end up with really gnarly rain or snow, we may postpone the jump jam. Otherwise though, fortune favours the prepared.

I want to ride, but I hate racing?

Yeah, we know that feeling. Good thing we’ve got the one lap costume and kids’ race. Pull that inflatable T-Rex out of the closet and go pedal your heart out with the youth.

Why should I enter?

Because bikes are awesome. Duh.