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Shade Tree Crew Neck

Summer 2018 Apparel

Shade Tree Crew Neck


Shade Tree Crew Neck


Bikes break, then you get to hang them off a tree while you fiddle with them and drink a mechanical beer.

High-quality full-color printing so your friends can still see how cool your shirt is even after you wash it.

  • Choose whether you want Men’s or Women’s cut below

  • 100% Cotton

  • 100% Drawn in the US

  • Regular Fit

  • Soft, Comfy, and oh-so-stylish

    Sweathirts cost $35. Shipping to the U.S. costs $5 (I already magically included it in the price - what you see is what you pay. Total.)

If you don't live in the U.S. shoot me a note through my "Contact" page and we can work something out!

Looking for something and not seeing it on the site? Shoot me an email! I'm always open to making new products.

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